Purpose discovery workshop



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Why book now?

Uncover WHY and HOW you do what you do to close the gap between the messages you declare and the experiences you deliver.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking for clarity of purpose, values, or message to filter their life through.

How long is it?

8 hours

How much is it?

$1,000 per seat


More about the workshop

Unlock your overarching goal and the strengths you tap into to achieve that goal, as well as the right “fit” and message. Through a combination of pre-work assessments and group sharing, you will uncover your personal strengths, explore how they drive you, and dive into the world of purpose. Discover the true essence of your contribution and impact on your business, community, and life. Schedule a 30 min call to learn more!

Live your life by design.

More about the workshop

Learn how to...

Unlock Your Identity

Undergo a proven process to put your personal purpose into words and practice.

Uncover Your Strengths

Determine what sets you apart with Strengths Psychology and Gallup Analytics.

Live Your Values

Gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for the shared values in which you believe.

Grow Valuable Relationships

Connect and learn with other Leaders during the process.

Craft Communications that Connect

Bring your purposeful communication to life with clarity to reach your objectives.

Grow Personally & Professionally

Align your personal and professional life with your purpose to achieve fulfillment as well as success.

Discover the powerful impact our workshops have had on leaders just like you

It makes us all better parents, better family members, better employees, better entrepreneurs by taking time out of our very busy lives to work on things like this.
—Jay Baitner, Alive & Wealth Financial Planning
Finding your purpose is a way to figure out the direction you should be taking in your life, in your business, what you’re good at, what kind of things make you fulfilled so that you have a map to follow that route.
—Natasa Lekic, NY Books Editor
Discovering my purpose gave me so much clarity for my business and my life that I became an Activator to share this with my clients and community.
—Luly B, Purpose Activator

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