TEAM by design


TEAM by design

A company is only as good as its people.
Entrepreneurs drive results and achieve their vision by building and leveraging a team that can maximize their time.

A Team By Design…


Has strong external support.

They can leverage external resources as Peer Groups, Mentors, and Coaches to consistently improve and evolve.


Has clarity and empowerment.

The team takes ownership of their roles and knows how to solve problems and overcome obstacles independently.


Healthily solves problems.

They trust each other and embrace healthy conflict that results from the diversity of thought and experience.


Meet with The Profit Recipe team for one of our facilitated team alignment sessions

The Profit Recipe helps entrepreneurs build relationships within their teams to drive transparency, accountability, and results. We lead facilitated team activities that unlock the trust and constructive conflict needed to move forward as a team.

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Create Shared values based on your team strengths to align towards a common goal.
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Build trust and create a system to promote healthy conflict to improve communication.


Learn accountability tools to help your team excel in achieving their goals.

Discover the powerful impact our process has had on teams just like yours

The Profit Recipe’s guidance in focusing on what our core values are and what our vision is has helped us understand what each of our strengths are, and how we can work together as a team to go further as a business.
—Ariel Istueta, Metal Master Shop
Bringing The Profit Recipe into our business was one of the best decisions we’ve made. They helped us become very clear on our culture, goals, and mission. Most importantly, they helped us put a process in place that has the team all working towards the same goals together. Our team has never been more united or more clear on our objectives.
—Marc Cerniglia, Founding Partner of Spotlight Branding
Working with The Profit Recipe has helped bring our team together making our workplace fun and, more importantly, we are more efficient, we connect better, and our sales are going up and up.
—Julien Plouffe, CEO of Moonglow

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