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Shift positive

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Improve team health while strengthening employees’ relationships with their colleagues and the key stakeholders vital to success.

Who is it for?

CEOs, founders, leaders, and anyone who seeks to refine their ability to provide thoughtful, constructive feedback.

How long is it?

8 interviews

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The Shift Positive® approach to collecting and sharing feedback has a proven record of creating a shared positive experience for feedback recipients and the 360° circle of people who support their positive change. Learn this proven approach now through our 8-interview process to bolster your leadership capabilities, team morale, and organization’s performance. Schedule a 30 min call to learn more!

Elevate your leadership by design.

More about this review

Learn how to...

Hone Strengths

Empower feedback recipients to concentrate on and develop their strengths.

Leverage Proven Techniques

Employ positive psychology in feedback sessions to ensure your words are correctly received.

Boost Culture

Lead by example to inspire a culture of openness and honesty.

Generate Growth

Grow your organization with your team members as 360° Feedback recipients have a specific growth plan.

Create Accountability

360° Feedback recipients are supported and kept accountable by their circle.

Facilitate Positivity

Turn feedback sessions into shared positive experiences for 360° feedback recipients.

Discover the powerful impact our workshops have had on leaders just like you

I was a bit nervous going in, but was immediately put at ease with the process. I felt comfortable being candid, and was given time and space to formulate my answers in a safe and encouraging environment. A very positive experience that I know will benefit our business.
—Andrew Nickerson, Customer Service at YogaFit
EOS has been a GAME CHANGER for our company. It has given us the structure, accountability, and organization we struggled to create on our own
—Cary Gahm, Co-Founder at TempMee
The Profit Recipe’s clear strategic thinking and execution skills are first class and their dedication to both the big picture and the details are inspiring.
—David Rosen, CEO & Founder at Kira Labs Manufacturer

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