Our purpose is to empower entrepreneurs to evolve so that we can all change the world one company at a time.
We do this by guiding you through the E-Volution Flywheel to define your purpose and grow as a leader, team, and business—allowing you to achieve the life you want for yourself and your people.

Our approach and how we deliver


Help First

• Be of service to others.

• Be team oriented.

• Have a long-term mentality.


Spark Action

• Be passionate and proactive.

• Take massive action—find a way!

• Take ownership and responsibility.


Call it Out

• Be authentic.

• Be open and honest with radical transparency.

• Go deep.


Evolve Always

• Be purpose-driven.

• Grow and improve constantly.

• Be confidently humble and know what you don’t know.

Together we win

• Us before me.

• Carry your own bags.

• Bring value to all.

Why The Profit Recipe?

We speak your language—literally.

The Profit Recipe team consists of serial entrepreneurs who understand firsthand the challenges of building a business. We’ve been in your shoes and have learned what works and what doesn’t. Plus, our multicultural team can facilitate in Spanish, English, French, and Russian.

We walk the journey with you.

Our passion is helping you live yours. Our multi-disciplinary team applies our various skills and experiences to help you evolve along every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. We are skilled at translating your ideas into actionable steps with measurable outcomes.

We help make your business work for you.

EOS™ is a simple, proven process used by 80,000+ companies to align vision, accountability, and team health so you can achieve the results you need. We are the only Certified EOS™ Implementer Firm in South Florida. Our skills and knowledge can help you develop a business that functions without your daily input.

Meet the Team

Cesar Quintero

Certified EOS®Implementer

A serial entrepreneur since the age of 24, Quintero has experience in what works and doesn’t in business after starting three different companies. Quintero centers his practice on purpose and making sure the leadership team can create alignment in its vision and gain traction to achieve that vision. Read more…

Gerardo Escalona

Certified EOS®Implementer

A Professional EOS Implementer, serial entrepreneur involved in different businesses from a young age, and Financial Advisor for family groups and corporations in Latin America, Escalona understands businesses’ needs for today and the future. He also has the remarkable ability to translate “finance speak” and set businesses on course for profitable success. Read more…

Liz Mershon

Professional EOS®Implementer

Liz began her entrepreneurial journey at 22 in retail. She then transitioned into Film & Television where she established South Florida’s premier independent studios with clients such as Discovery Channel, and NBC/Telemundo. In 2008, she took her knowledge of start-ups into the behavioral healthcare industry. As a founding member of the Oliver Pyatt Centers, Mershon was instrumental in building the company’s rapid growth resulting in its sale and acquisition. Today, Liz focuses on helping entrepreneurs maximize their business. Read more…

Victor Manzanilla

Professional EOS®Implementer

Victor is a Serial entrepreneur, startup Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and former CEO of MicroSalt Inc. He’s a former Procter & Gamble executive with more than 15 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies. Certified in the CORE Business Program at Harvard University. He received the “Star Entrepreneur 2021” award from Procter & Gamble Alumni. Victor’s motto is: “Be unstoppable and change your world forever.”

Guy Balan

Professional EOS®Implementer

Using his finance and strategy background, he has worked with management to help them scale and boost their value, offering his innate understanding of strengths and weaknesses as well as the market. Guy Balan saw EOS as a way to do what he was doing, but better. He found a path and a community as an EOS Implementor with The Profit Recipe. Read more…

Jennifer Vazquez

Professional EOS® Implementer

An accomplished entrepreneur since age 24, she’s founded three companies and gained profound insights into effective business strategies. Her focus centers on purpose-driven leadership, aligning teams with a shared vision, and guiding them to achieve their goals. She’s now dedicated to sharing her wisdom with fellow entrepreneurs, empowering them to succeed.

Isabel Porzecanski

E-volution Activator

During her 25 years in hospitality with Four Seasons Hotels, 50 Eggs Hospitality Group and Mandarin Oriental Hotels, Isabel worked in Europe, North America, South America and the Caribbean. Being part of diverse executive teams, Isabel thrived on overcoming business challenges and coaching leaders on critical people issues. Isabel holds a Coaching Certification from “Performance Consultants International”, the pioneer and global leader of coaching in the workplace.

Jon Kaweblum

E-volution Activator

Jon started his business career as an architect and through a necessity invented and patented a novel product. He then began the exciting and rewarding journey of entrepreneurship, taking his original invention to market and developing a fully functioning business. Jon has never stopped innovating as he currently holds a total of 5 US and International patents. The combination of his design innovation, extensive entrepreneurship experience and his passion for teaching and coaching are a perfect blend that is essential to show other visionaries and leaders how EOS can transform their organizations and lives.

Luly B

The purpose and community Gal, Purpose activator

A family-first speaker, business coach, trainer, and author of Amazon’s best-seller “Balance is Bull$h!t,” Luly believes that everyone was born with a responsibility to share their gifts with this world. She empowers leaders to unwrap their gifts so they experience joy – at work and at home. She is all about connecting, community and expansion.

Laura Taylor

E-volution Business Manager

With her experience as an executive assistant, she is the only one who maintains us organized, leading supporting operations with more than 9 years of experience in HR. Her mentality is Help-first to ensure leaders and their teams to have an exceptional experience on their EOS journey.

Renthia Roodt

Administrative Coordinator

An Expat with 20 years of military service, contracted for 12 years to NATO/ISAF supporting the multinational military mission in Afghanistan, specialized in HRM and CRM, and office management. A hands-on administrator with an excellent work ethic, committed, reliable, and honest. Her motto is: if you can dream it, you can do it!

Luisa Turrent

Customer Success Coordinator

Responsible for nurturing strong relationships with our valued customers, acting as their trusted point of contact. Focused on understanding their unique needs, addressing any concerns, and proactively identifying opportunities to enhance their experience and achieve their desired outcomes. Contributes to customer satisfaction, retention, and business growth.

Daniela Vargas

Administrative Coordinator

Proficient Administrative Assistant with over 7 years of office experience, specializing in administrative work, problem-solving, planning, and optimal assistance. Known for
increasing productivity and relieving the workload of managerial staff. Proven efficiency with an ability to learn new things quickly.

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