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    Entrenamiento EOS Para Nuevos Miembros

    ¿Tienes un nuevo miembro en tu equipo? ¿Estás empezando en una empresa que ejecuta EOS?¡Únete a nuestro entrenamiento de EOS para que tu y tu equipo entiendan y aprendan sobre […]

    Integrator Roundtable

    Meet with other EOS integrators to learn and share from experiencesThe perfect opportunity to IDS issues and learn from other integrators experiences.

    Life is Better with an Assistant – Webinar

    During this webinar, Kyle will discuss Why you need an assistant, How to match with an assistant and How to effectively use an assistant.EfficientAide presents: LIFE IS BETTER WITH AN […]

    IDS Session

    Identify, discuss, and solve issues with another perspectiveBring your issues so we can discuss and solve them, learning and sharing from our experiences.

    Ingtegrator roundtable

    Learn and share your EOS experience with fellow integratorsJoin us, learn and share experiences with other integrators living the EOS journey like you.

    EOS Training for New Team Members

    A 90-minute meeting to understand the EOS model.This training will help newer team members catch up with the EOS concepts to help the company gain Traction faster.We will cover the […]

    Monthly Integrator Roundtables Event

    Meet and share experiences with fellow integrators. Get different ideas and solve issues around the integrator journey.In this roundtable you will have the opportunity to meet with fellow integrators who […]