E-volution Community

Why join now?

This community is built for companies running on EOS® in South Florida to share experiences, network, and gain traction faster.

Who is it for?

Visionaries, integrators, and leadership team members from companies that run or want to run EOS® / Traction.

How long is it?

Annual membership

What is the cost?

$399/monthly per company


More about the community

This community serves as a place for hundreds of companies and leaders to upskill their EOS® knowledge by networking, sharing experiences, and supporting each other. Join them at the next event to explore best practices, gain traction, and E-volve your leadership, teams, and business.


Build your business by design.

More about the community

What you gain...

Integrator Roundtables

Hone your skills at the Integrator Monthly Roundtable moderated by an EOS Implementer (10x meetings per year).

Align in Purpose

Experience the Purpose Discovery Workshop for all Leadership Team Members (available 6x per year).

EOS® Onboarding for Team Members

Take advantage of quarterly onboarding for new Leadership Team Members with EOS® training (available 4x per year).

Get Exclusive Access

Make the most of Q&A & IDS Deep Dive Events with other companies running on EOS® (4x year).

Enjoy Networking Opportunities

Experience Community Power Events to network and share with other companies running on EOS® (available 4x per year).

Tool Up

Tap into unlimited access to the resource library (EOS® Tools, HBR Articles, Deep Dive Videos, Articles, etc.) to maximize your growth as a leader in the business.

Discover the powerful impact our workshops have had on leaders just like you

Hiring The Profit Recipe was the number one key ingredient in successfully integrating EOS into our organization. Our staff loves it, we look forward to their visits and always learn more. They keep things entertaining and are extremely positive and motivating. We are blessed and grateful to have found them.
—Steve Sigismond, Owner and Member at HomeZone Improvements
Salsa Fiesta started working with The Profit Recipe to implement EOS in November 2020. In the middle of a year of pandemic EOS was a “game changer” where our leadership team, after a quarter, were much more aligned. We have become more effective in identifying and solving problems and motivating our staff to take more pride in their work. I attribute to The Profit Recipe and EOS the success that we have today in our company.
—Samuel Perez Benatar, Executive Director at Salsa Fiesta Grill
We invited The Profit Recipe to lead a presentation on the Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) as part of the Expert Training we provide to the members of our community of entrepreneurs and CEOs. They did such an amazing job that we formed a close partnership with them in the ensuing months.
—Leo Popik, Founder & CEO at Leading Peers

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