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Gain team alignment, core process documentation, training, and optimization. Document 20+ core processes in a day, and teach the team how to implement them moving forward.

Who is it for?

All process stakeholders and team members.

How long is it?

6 - 8 hours

How much is it?



More about the workshop

The Process Mapping Workshop explores your major department processes, such as Marketing, Sales, Operations, Customer Service, Human Resources, etc. Together, we create new, clear strategies in a high-level 20/80 approach to simplify the different existing measures and allow the team to easily follow. Speed up your training and onboarding. Eliminate redundancy in your organization. Enjoy a fun experience together, and elevate your performance. Schedule a 30 min call to learn more!

Build your business by design.

More about the workshop

What you gain...

Assess Processes

Evaluate current organizational practices. Identify existing challenges and opportunities for process improvement.

Optimize Organization

Create and find new ways to streamline processes. Leave with 20+ optimized core processes.

Document Policies

Enjoy a simple proven activity to help document processes by placing them into written policy efficiently.

Learn Mapping

Learn our easy-to-follow process mapping system to document and implement new processes in the future after the session is complete.

Train Team

Ensure that all stakeholders understand their part in each process and it affects others.

Grow Closer

Improve your culture through our fun, dynamic team-building activity.

Discover the powerful impact our workshops have had on leaders just like you

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