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The Profit Recipe E-Volution Community: Built to Support Leadership Teams

Integrators and leadership teams should have their own external team to help them grow and succeed

Founders sometimes walk a tough and lonely road but, at a certain point, doing so becomes a choice. We can assemble a quality internal team along with an external team of peers, mentors, and coaches. And to find the latter, all entrepreneurs have to do is look around. 

A wealth of support groups, from Business Network International (BNI) to Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) to local chambers of commerce, exist to provide support and connect business owners with colleagues and helpers.

But what about those founders’ leadership teams? 

Where do the company integrators and department heads go to level up and evolve as leaders? How can they find members of their tribe who share small business struggles while offering outside perspectives and support?

Unfortunately, their path to connecting with peers and helpers is less clear. While there are numerous business career groups and resources, few of them are tailored to the leadership teams — not the founders and visionaries — of startups. And even fewer of them are specifically for businesses using the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

After helping over a hundred companies implement EOS®, The Profit Recipe recognized this need and decided to fill the gap. The result is our E-Volution Community, a resource dedicated to empowering the leadership teams that make small businesses go!

Leveling up as leaders

Leadership coach and author Marshall Goldsmith has a great saying (and book title): “What got you here won’t get you there.” 

Founders and their businesses must entrepreneurially evolve (learning to spin the “E-Volution Flywheel”) and build a Business by Design to take things to the next level. It’s why they choose a business operating system and contact The Profit Recipe to help them implement it. But just as owners and their businesses need to grow, so do their company’s other leaders.

The Profit Recipe’s E-Volution Community exists for this purpose. It’s a true community of company leadership teams that implement EOS with us or by themselves. And it gives leaders the resources to develop themselves and help their businesses gain traction faster. 

Here are its main events and benefits designed to empower leadership teams:

Monthly Integrator Roundtables

Integrators from different companies get together once a month to discuss common issues, how they’ve implemented various EOS tools, how they manage leadership challenges, and learn from others’ experiences with a practical approach. 

Yes, these teams can also read about these items in a book or discuss them within their company or with an EOS implementer. But this practical, shared approach allows individuals to learn from different integrators going through the same issues.

A Purpose Workshop for All Leadership Team Members

Entrepreneurs must identify their purpose to gain fulfillment, clarity, and a filter for doing the things they are good at and love. But they certainly aren’t the only ones who benefit from uncovering their ‘Why.’ 

Thus, everyone in the E-Volution Community is eligible to attend a Purpose Discovery Workshop. It allows members of a leadership team to uncover their individual purposes and see how those contribute to their organizations’ shared purposes.

EOS Training for New Team Members

As companies implement EOS and bring on new hires, these people must learn the system. These quarterly sessions help onboard new team members, teaching them the six EOS components, the common EOS language and philosophy, how the meeting rhythm and accountability charts work, and more vital Business by Design tools. 

Quarterly Group IDS Sessions & Learning Days to Deep Dive Into Tools

These gatherings allow leadership team members to identify, discuss, and solve (IDS) issues during their EOS Implementation in a moderated, collaborative setting. Everyone can ask specific questions about putting EOS concepts into practice, utilizing particular tools, and otherwise getting better at implementing the system.

Quarterly Community Power Events

The E-Volution Community isn’t just dedicated to EOS or tackling specific issues that leadership team members encounter in their companies. Power Events are quarterly networking and learning opportunities that cover a variety of personal and professional development topics. 

Recent events have outlined a science-based approach to life optimization through neurological performance, tips on keeping team members engaged, and infusing purpose into a company and its marketing efforts.

Join the E-Volution Community!

A Business by Design and a successful EOS Implementation depend on and create consistency, shared knowledge, and alignment of teams and their purpose. And the E-Volution Community exists to help leadership teams develop the skills to achieve these goals and use EOS to its full potential.

But it goes beyond that.

It’s a true community—a dedicated development and networking opportunity for South Florida leadership teams to connect with others just like them. It’s a place where hundreds of companies and their leaders can upskill their knowledge by sharing experiences and supporting each other.

Members witness what other leaders and companies are going through, identifying common small business challenges and tackling them together. They bounce ideas off and learn from one another, all while having experienced EOS Implementers as a resource. And inevitably, everyone acquires some good friends and longtime professional colleagues along the way, building the external team that provides vital support throughout their careers.

The E-Volution Community is open to all visionaries, integrators, and leadership team members from any company that runs or is looking to run the Entrepreneurial Operating System. This annual membership is $5,000 a year. It includes the events listed above, plus unlimited access to The Profit Recipe’s resource library—EOS® Tools, HBR Articles, Deep Dive Videos, and more—that maximizes growth as a leader.

Contact The Profit Recipe with any questions, or schedule a meeting to sign up today!

Empower your Leadership Team and improve efficiency, increase value, and foster collaboration to get better results. A professional Facilitator can ensure that all of your members are on the same page, so you can kick your business up a notch. Connect with The Profit Recipe to Achieve Traction.