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The Top 5 Tasks To Delegate To a Virtual Assistant

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Finding amazing employees is the toughest job for any business. You deserve to be the entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be, but you can’t get there without a great team. You need to start delegating the things that get in the way of your business. In this blog, we discuss the top 5 tasks to delegate to a virtual assistant (VA).

Before we get started with the tasks, entrepreneurs should gain an understanding of how they use their time. You probably have no idea how much time you’re spending doing things—like checking emails or booking meetings—that are so easy to delegate. So here is how we suggest you start: 

  1. For a week, write down everything you do on a list. You can actually delegate this too! Just pay someone to shadow you for a week.
  1. At the end of the week, take the list and highlight all the tasks you do not like doing. Then, use another color to highlight the things that are not making you money. Finally, highlight activities that are getting in the way of moving your actual business forward. 
  1. All the tasks that you’ve highlighted are the tasks you need to delegate

Now, here are the top 5 tasks we recommend delegating to a virtual assistant. See how many are on the list you came up with!

1. Email management

Take a look at your unread emails. Chances are there are lots of them. Research shows that a business owner spends about four hours each day sorting through their work email. That’s four hours you could have used doing far more important tasks. A VA will go through your work and personal emails and notify you of important correspondence.

You can download this “Taming The Email Monster!” Guide to learn the collaborative email delegation system that allows you to regain control of your time.

2. Personal calendar management

It will be your virtual assistant’s duty to manage your personal calendar and keep you on track. The VA will ensure you don’t miss meetings, appointments, and essential deadlines by reminding you of your schedule. Having an organized calendar will also help the VA keep track of your activities, so they can make changes if necessary.

3. Follow up with clients

People will feel more connected to your business when you add a personal touch to your communications. And you can do tiny things that can have a great impact on your clients’ satisfaction. In addition, it’s important to make lasting impressions on them. Despite your flawless services, clients tend to forget vendors who are not in contact. But a VA can help you start and execute an initiative to provide periodic updates on your efforts.

4. The gatekeeper

Gatekeeper is arguably the most crucial role a virtual assistant plays. Without assistance prioritizing, executives can easily become inundated with meetings they don’t need. Your virtual assistant screens calls and visitors, typically deflecting ones they determine are unimportant. They are responsible for taking all general phone calls for the office and setting appointments. They are there to filter out the noise, so you only receive necessary information and communication.

5. Social media management

One of the biggest drags on time is social media. This is where a virtual marketing assistant can really help, especially if you need to create your own content. And a virtual administrative assistant can take a lot of routine communication off your plate, too. For example, they can help you answer your direct messages from potential new clients. And a VA can also assist with connecting and interacting with people on your personal LinkedIn account—including spending time looking for new connections!

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