Our purpose is to empower entrepreneurs to evolve so that we can all change the world one company at a time.
We do this by guiding you through the E-Volution Flywheel to define your purpose and grow as a leader, team, and business—allowing you to achieve the life you want for yourself and your people.

Our approach and how we deliver


Help First

• Be of service to others.

• Be team oriented.

• Have a long-term mentality.


Spark Action

• Be passionate and proactive.

• Take massive action—find a way!

• Take ownership and responsibility.


Call it Out

• Be authentic.

• Be open and honest with radical transparency.

• Go deep.


Evolve Always

• Be purpose-driven.

• Grow and improve constantly.

• Be confidently humble and know what you don’t know.

Why The Profit Recipe?

We speak your language—literally.

The Profit Recipe team consists of serial entrepreneurs who understand firsthand the challenges of building a business. We’ve been in your shoes and have learned what works and what doesn’t. Plus, our multicultural team can facilitate in Spanish, English, French, and Russian.

We walk through the journey with you.

Our passion is helping you live yours. Our multi-disciplinary team applies our various skills and experiences to help you evolve along every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. We are skilled at translating your ideas into actionable steps with measurable outcomes.

We help make your business work for you.

EOS™ is a simple, proven process used by 80,000+ companies to align vision, accountability, and team health so you can achieve the results you need. We are the only Certified EOS™ Implementer Firm in South Florida. Our skills and knowledge can help you develop a business that functions without your daily input.

Meet the Team


Cesar Quintero

The Purposeful Leadership Guy, Certified EOS Implementer.

A serial entrepreneur since the age of 24, Quintero has experience in what works and doesn’t in business after starting three different companies. Quintero centers his practice on purpose and making sure the leadership team can create alignment in its vision and gain traction to achieve that vision. Read more…


Franck Saragossi

The Ops & Expansion Guy, Professional EOS Implementer

A Professional EOS Implementer and entrepreneur who has worked in his family business, Saragossi also has decades of experience in successful growth and consumer alignment by helping start and expand well-known brands such as Pandora and Tiffany Co. in Latin America. Saragossi is the go-to guy for clarifying vision and then helping to arrange and execute the steps needed to achieve it. Read more…


Gerardo Escalona

The Finance & Private Equity Guy, Professional EOS Implementer

A Professional EOS Implementer, serial entrepreneur involved in different businesses from a young age, and Financial Advisor for family groups and corporations in Latin America, Escalona understands businesses’ needs for today and the future. He also has the remarkable ability to translate “finance speak” and set businesses on course for profitable success. Read more…


Elena Volnova

The Team Health Gal, Professional EOS Implementer

With her experience as a retail online business owner for over 5 years in the wholesale distribution segment in addition to an MBA degree and Master’s in Positive Psychology, Volnova has the perfect combination of business smarts and people management skills to help leaders create aligned teams that are engaged and accountable to fulfill the company vision. Read more…


Ruben Meoqui

The Ops and Franchise Guy, EOS Implementer

Meoqui has worked with well-known brands such as Blockbuster, FedEx, and H&R Block to organize expansion plans in addition to his entrepreneurial experience as the owner of a restaurant in Miami Beach. His results-oriented approach and stellar communication skills allow leaders to predictably replicate his success with their teams by standardizing systems and processes. Read more…


Romel Beiner

The Finance & Real Estate Guy, EOS Implementer

With over 12 years in Corporate Finance in P&G and 16 years of Real Estate experience (Buying/Selling/Investing/Managing and Developing) in South Florida, Beiner taps into a unique understanding of the role of technology, communication, collaboration and systems in the fields of real estate development and finance to balance innovation in these ever changing environments with tried and true business fundamentals. Read more…

Luly B

The purpose and community gal, Purpose Activator

A family-first speaker, business coach, trainer, and author of Amazon’s best-seller “Balance is Bull$h!t,” Luly believes that everyone was born with a responsibility to share their gifts with this world. She empowers leaders to unwrap their gifts so they experience joy – at work and at home. She is all about connecting, community and expansion.

Laura Taylor

E-Volution Business Manager

With her experience as an executive assistant, she is the only one who maintains us organized, leading supporting operations with more than 9 years of experience in HR. Her mentality is Help-first to ensure leaders and their teams to have an exceptional experience on their EOS journey.

Cesar Contreras

E-Volution Coordinator

A business administrator who’s specialized in marketing and advertising. With years of experience in the social media environment, Cesar is your go-to guy in promoting our service, creating content, and helping our implementors to stay seen in our customers’ atmosphere.

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