LEADER by design


LEADER by design

Just because you started a business does not mean you have to do every job.
E-volved leaders know where to spend their time and energy to maximize their results.

A Leader By Design…


Has self-awareness.

They understand their strengths and how to leverage them.


Embraces vulnerability.

They are comfortable being vulnerable and acknowledging what they don’t know.


Delegates and elevates.

Leaders delegate so that 80% of their time is spent on the things they are good at and love to do.

Becoming a better leader is an ongoing process, but even small improvements help develop those around you and create momentum on your team.

Meet with The Profit Recipe team for one of our facilitated leadership sessions

The Profit Recipe speaks your language. We understand the leadership skills entrepreneurs need for success, and can show you how to elevate your team. We have over 50 years of combined real-world leadership experience, so our team can help even new leaders become coaches and managers who direct valuable teams that drive growth.

silhouette of young designer team standing with a white blank screen laptop and notebook in hands while discussing/talking about them new project with the modern office as background.


Get real feedback on how to leverage your strengths to become a better leader.


Understand your Purpose and Values to evolve as a leader and create clarity of message.


Learn how to hold team members accountable in a systemized way.

Discover the powerful impact our process has had on leaders just like you

For me, the most important lesson was understanding and developing the accountability chart for our business. For some it may have come naturally, but for me it didn’t. The chart made it clear for me to see how to grow and structure my business.
The Profit Recipe has taught me that being accountable does not necessarily mean I have to complete the task. I have totally embraced ‘Delegate to Elevate’!
The most important thing I've learned is the ability to focus on what matters. When you run a business, you can get distracted by the noise.

Connect with other leaders like you

Hundreds of South Florida leaders are sharing best practices to E-volve in their business, leadership, and teams. Join them at the next event and see what the hype is about!

connect with other leaders like you

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