Your company Why—the reason you do what you do—is the very essence of your brand and the foundation of every purposeful communication you create.

The Advantages Why Discovery incorporates assessments, interviews, and collaborative effort to uncover your Why.

You know What you do and you’re consistently working on How you can do it better, but do you know Why you do it?
Uncovering your business’ Why and implementing across all of your communications is the single most important step you can take to create a loyal client base that’s emotionally connected to your brand.

The Advantages Why Discovery employs a series of assessments and in-person meetings to guide you to purposeful business decisions, marketing, and branding.

  • Uncover your Why.
  • Learn to articulate your Why.
  • Understand the steps necessary to create purposeful marketing materials.
  • Feed your culture and align your team through purpose.
Start uncovering and activating your Why today and achieve success far beyond what you ever dreamed possible.
STEP 1: Activate Strengths and Values
Uncover HOW you do things and define your right “fit”. Through a combination of pre-work assessments and hands-on workshop guidance, you will uncover your personal strengths; understand how they drive you and your business so you can fuel your shared corporate values.
STEP 2: Your Why–Contribution and Impact
Dive into the world of Purpose to mine the true essence of your Why and how it aligns with what you do. Then, chart your course for Why-based success by crafting a mission and vision that serve as the ‘North Star’ for your business every day.
STEP 3: Purposeful Leadership–Messaging and Engagement
Bring your purposeful communication structure to life. Take the powerful tools and ideas you have learned and developed and translate them into powerful messaging that connects and creates the lasting emotional relationships to retain and entrench yourself with your ideal customers and employees (or those around you) so that your vision is realized.