Guy Balan, EOS Implementor.

“Doing What I Do, But Doing It Better.” Guy Balan, EOS®, and The Profit Recipe

The power of EOS comes from six interconnected things. The Profit Recipe amps it up.

For Guy Balan, EOS – the Entrepreneurial Operating System® – connects all the dots. 

The former private equity investor and investment banker had been going inside companies in the Caribbean for more than a decade, helping create value and increase profits. Using his finance and strategy background, he has worked with management to help them scale and boost their value, offering his innate understanding of strengths and weaknesses as well as the market.

The year 2022 marked an exodus from Haiti due to gang violence that displaced tens of thousands. For Guy, these events made for the difficult decision to stay in the U.S. when he came to visit for his mother’s birthday. 

Finding his “next thing”

Guy’s path to becoming an EOS Implementer started as many things do – with a conversation with a friend. At the time, Guy was thinking of creating a consulting firm that offers financial experience and support to companies. When discussing some of his challenges working with leadership teams, his friend brought up EOS.

Once he started researching, Guy says, he quickly understood how this would help any company.

“I have been working with people helping them grow their business, but I wasn’t connecting all the dots like EOS does,” he said. “What attracted me to it is that when you get any entrepreneur to focus on those six key components that are all connected, they will start seeing real  improvement in their business performance.” 

He started by applying the six key components of EOS to his own company in Haiti and quickly saw improvements. He didn’t have much experience using EOS, but he has ample experience working with companies to help them grow and create value. “I saw the power of EOS – it was very clear to me.” And now, he helps provide that clarity to other business owners.

How Guy became an EOS Implementor

For Guy, EOS was a natural progression – the way forward – to improve what he was doing, adding a process that showed leaders how they could work on the business versus in the business, embracing The Profit Recipe’s Leadership By Design to achieve a Life By Design.

Instead of getting into the weeds of a business, EOS allowed him to step back, get a broad overview, and provide leaders with a simple, proven system and even better guidance by applying the same techniques. EOS solved many of the challenges Guy was facing. 

“EOS brings management team alignment and the right data into focus,” he says. It fosters the development of a culture of trust “where the management team or owners can let go of the vine.” 

EOS, with its scorecards and other tools, “Creates a certain level of accountability and trust,” which means issues are dealt with properly, so leaders can focus their energy on the business instead of “always putting out fires.” It also enables proper process documentation that brings consistency,  scalability, and profitability. 

Guy is a big fan of L10 meetings. “I used to have those board meetings that would last five hours, and we’ve gone to only three out of seven of the agenda because everybody was spending so much time on things that were not important and just repeating themselves, and it became a contest of who had the biggest ego. I had been in so many meetings that were just not working.” 

Another thing he appreciates about EOS is its simplicity. “I’ve helped people grow their businesses, and one of the things I’ve realized was while they’re growing their business, they have more money, but they also created a more complex system, and they were not able to really let go of the vine because they just didn’t create this culture of accountability and consistency. 

“And to me, that’s the thing EOS does that makes it different. It’s really creating this culture of discipline and accountability that helps entrepreneurs let go of the vine and step back a bit,” he says. “So, for me, EOS is about helping people get their lives back. 

“It really helps them delegate and elevate the rest of the management team so they can free themselves up and get a chance to focus on the vision of the business – where they want to go – instead of being stuck in the weeds, always solving, always killing fires.”

Why Guy chose to work with The Profit Recipe

After his conversation with his friend ended at about 10 p.m., Guy was scouring the web, reading everything he could find about EOS until 2 a.m. By 9 a.m. the next day, he was on the phone with EOS headquarters, asking if they could connect him with someone within the network.

That connection was Cesar at The Profit Recipe, who welcomed him with open arms, letting him shadow him with a client. “And every step of the way,” says Guy, “I was just like, oh, wow, wow, wow.”  He saw the power of EOS directly.

Immediately, Guy was a fan of Cesar’s model, the people at The Profit Recipe, and their holistic model of looking at the whole process from startup to Life By Design, the Implementers who learn for each other, and how the client network allows entrepreneurs to learn from each other. 

“The community at The Profit Recipe helps each other. We help find the answers for each other’s clients, and I really like how clients are pooled together for workshops and communities. The idea that we create a community for all our clients is pretty amazing to me. 

Through The Profit Recipe, I’ve found a big sense of satisfaction through openness, honesty, shared values, and passion, working with people who are truly open and honest and living the EOS life. One of the biggest attractions for me is that we can learn from each other.” 

Thus is the power of EOS combined with The Profit Recipe. Contact us today.