Don’t Roll the Dice in 2019 on

Don’t Roll the Dice in 2019

We’ve put together this guide to some of our best content from 2018 to help entrepreneurs get a jump on planning for the New Year to achieve a life by design.

It’s been a great year for The Profit Recipe. We’ve empowered a record number of entrepreneurs to understand their WHY and build a business by design with their leadership teams to gain traction in their quest to live a life by design.

2019 is shaping up to be another year of growth for the United States and around the globe. New businesses and new jobs are going to spring up and that means one thing: even more competition. Do you feel confident that your business will move onwards and upwards next year? Are you and your team really aligned around the goals and metrics that will result in success?

If you have doubts, no problem. This article will guide you through key blog posts from 2018 that will explain how I can help you harness your core values, strengths and even your vulnerabilities to not only become a better leader but empower others to lead.

Let us begin.

Discover Your Core Values

Your core values are the HOW of your whole operation. This means more than the nuts and bolts of the production process. HOW is what drives the shared goals of your whole operation and defines who fits your vision and who doesn’t. Read these entries and learn how core values can supercharge your hiring, sales, marketing, and communications.

Don’t Get Lost Discovering Your Core Values

Once You’ve Discovered Your Core Values Find People Who Share Them

Become a better  communicator and leader

Communicating with honesty, authenticity and vulnerability are critical to being a leader and inspiring others to become leaders, so you can live a life by design.

Stand Up: The Power of Open Communication in Leadership

The Whole Truth: Building an Open and Honest Foundation for Your Business

Purpose Beyond Profit

Implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)

As an EOS implementer, my job is to make everybody more informed, more efficient and more valuable to the organization.

Grow or Die: How an EOS Implementer Should Support You

Inspiring Case Studies

Learn how working with The Profit Recipe to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System helped entrepreneurs improve their businesses and their lives regardless of where they were in their journey

Case Study: How Very Important Paws Created a Process of Innovation

Case Study: How EOS Helped High Flier Spotlight Branding Get Its Bearings

Case Study: gFour Marketing Ups  Its Game

Case Study: How Trembly Law Firm Used EOS to Prepare for Rapid Growth

All that sharing  is only the beginning

2019 could be the best year of your life. It could be the year your business helps you achieve your goals and the life you want to live.  Get in touch with me and let’s work together to discover and activate your purpose, core values align your organization and help you live a life by design.

Empower your Leadership Team and improve efficiency, increase value, and foster collaboration to get better results. A professional Facilitator can ensure that all of your members are on the same page, so you can kick your business up a notch. Connect with The Profit Recipe to Achieve Traction.